For any questions or requests regarding transportation, please email Mrs. Julie Roy, APCS Director @ julieroy@apcs.us or call 318-240-8285.

Carpool Information

Elementary Daily Drop Off:

  Enter Campus from Highway 1 or Cocoville Rd to drop students off in the front of the elementary gym. High school siblings must be dropped in front of the elementary gym if they are in grades K-8th.

Only high school students may be dropped off in front of the high school building due to bus drop-off.

For pickup, make sure you have a sign with your child/children's name on it. If you have a large group of children please give your "crew" a recognizable name. 

Elementary and High School Carpool:

Teachers will load children into vehicles.

Please do not get out of the vehicle. 

No cellphones allowed during carpool due to safety.

All children must enter and exit on the passenger side.

We need 100% of your attention during carpool. We are working to keep the line moving and efficient