Math-  From counting up to 10 and down to 1, math is getting a bit more intense as well. We are beginning to learn plus 1 math facts and also doubles math facts.


Reading- we are launching into 3-4 word phrases! Soon your scholar will be reading storybooks just as the ones we are reading in literature! As we move through November, we will continue to study classic stories and nursery rhymes in literature.

Science- In science, we will continue to hands on learning activities about the five senses! So far, your scholar has been able to taste different textures, smell different scents, and see through different lenses.

History-  Your scholar will also be making new discoveries in social studies like Christopher Columbus. Each day they will learn a new piece of information about Columbus and his voyages leading up to our Thanksgiving feast.

Handwriting-  As we continue practicing lowercase letters in handwriting, uppercase letters are joining our routine! Please continue to encourage your child to write his/her name and number on all of their work.

First Grade 

Language- The first graders are making tremendous progress with editing sentences, word usage, and plurals!  We will be  putting all these skills to use as we dive deeper into writing over the next few weeks!


Math- We will be getting out our rulers as we practice measuring line segments to the nearest inch, counting dimes, nickels, and pennies, ordering 2-digit numbers, and even making Venn diagrams!  For a little extra practice, empty out your coin purses and let your children explore coins and counting money at home!  They love pretending to shop!

Science-   Keeping our bodies healthy will be our discussion as we wrap up the human body!  We will learn about healthy foods, keeping our bodies clean, and even proper tooth brushing!  Our next topic will be states of matter!  Students will learn the differences between solid, liquids, and gases.

History- We will be finishing up Ancient Egypt and Starting Early American Civilizations!


 Literature-  This month we will be reading “Tom Thumb” and similar stories from around the world.  In the upcoming weeks we will also use our literature time to learn about Veteran's Day, early settlers and the first Thanksgiving, as well as what it means to show gratefulness each day!

Second Grade

Math- Our students are starting to recognize word problems on their own. Students are to always remember the importance of  planning and writing complete sentences with the word problem. This is going to better prepare them for third grade in the future. We do find that students are performing better on their fact tests if they study their facts on a daily basis.  Continue using flash cards!

Science- Buckle up as we travel back into space! We are now venturing on as we learn about the 8 phases of our moon. After making our way back to earth, we will then move on to understanding our 4 seasons and how we are even able to experience seasons throughout the year.

History-  Students are continuing on as they learn about our United States symbols.  We are understanding the importance and meaning of each symbol and what it represents for our beautiful country.

ELA-   Students are learning how to recognize and write more and more abbreviations every week.  Along with abbreviations, we are also beginning to write words as contractions.  We will soon take a break from grammar so that we can write our next paragraph. Students will be able to pick their favorite character from Charlotte’s Web and write what they love about that character.

Handwriting- Our cursive handwriting is coming along nicely and we are now writing full sentences in cursive!

Note from Teacher:Please keep in mind that your child is now beginning to read ¼ of his/her test since we are now in our 2nd 9 week period.  Each time we move into a new 9 week period, we will have students read more and more of the test on their own.  You will be able to see which parts of the test were read by your child by looking for the * next to that problem on the test.  This will in the long run better prepare your child for 3rd grade next school year since students are expected to read all of their tests on their own from day one in 3rd grade.

Third Grade

Reading- Sarah, Plain, and Tall was a hit! The students were so excited when Sarah decided to stay. We will begin reading Old Yeller.

English- Students are identifying the four types of sentences: statement, question, command, and imperative. Different parts of speech are being introduced. (nouns, verbs, articles, adjectives, and adverbs) They are also proofreading for punctuation, capitalization, and usage.

Science- What is the weather like today? Students will be learning how meteorologists collect and study data to predict weather. They will also learn the difference between weather and climate.

Math-  Subtraction! Students will be mastering the subtraction of numbers to four digits, including cases in which they must subtract across three zeros. They will also continue working on fact fluency.

Fourth Grade


Math- Guess who!  We are problem solving for missing variables using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. 

Reading- We have started reading our first novel, “Because of Winn-Dixie.”  The students are really enjoying it so far.

Science-We are going to investigate different types of “waves”.  We will focus on sound waves, water waves, light waves, as well as how people use waves to transfer information.

History- We are starting to study the American Revolution

ELA- We are  analyzing poetry and will move into drama.

Literature-Students need to read 2 chapter books  with at least 100 pages each nine weeks. 

Fifth Grade

Math-  We will be learning scientific notation, continuing division, and comparing values of digits.

Reading-  We have started the second book of our series, “People of Sparks”! Students are welcome to bring their books home nightly to reread anything that we have read in class.

Science- We are ready to keep on moving!  We will be covering chemical reactions, Newton’s laws and potential and kinetic energy.

History- Let's explore! We are finishing up with Native American Regions, and moving on to The Age of Exploration.

Writing- Check your facts! We will be writing an informative essay. Our first one will be on human environment interaction focused on Native American regions.

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