Math-  In math, students are beginning to recognize money, read time on a clock, and distinguish between even and odd numbers! Everyday we use these skills in some way to help them be more successful on assessments and homework. 


Reading- Your scholar is going from short phrases to long paragraphs! 

Science-  In science, the students are enjoying learning about recycling! They have made robots from recycled items found at home. Next in science, the students will learn about animals and their classes.

History- We explore each continent beginning with Africa focusing on different habitats and climates of each country.

Handwriting-  Not only are they reading paragraphs, but they are also learning to write sentences in handwriting!

First Grade 

Language- Nouns, adjectives, and verbs, oh my!  Parts of speech will be our focus this nine weeks!  We will be using what we have learned this year to write another paragraph in the next couple weeks!  The students are doing an amazing job distinguishing between statement sentences and questions sentences!  We will be moving on to the most exciting ones of all, exclamatory sentences!!


Math- In the upcoming weeks, we will be learning to tell time to the to five-minute intervals, place value to 100, and comparing numbers.  We are continuing to work on completing 100 addition facts in 5 minutes!  Congratulations to all the students who have mastered this challenge!  Your hard work is paying off and we are so proud of you!   If your child is struggling with this skill practice with flash cards or write troublesome facts.  Practice makes perfect!

Science- We are going out of this world to explore our solar system in Science!  We are so excited about how interested the students are about this topic!  Use this opportunity to spend time as a family looking at the night sky!  Watch for the moon’s nightly phase and see if you can spot the big dipper!  The students love to tell us about their findings!

History- We will be learning all about the American Revolution! Students will know and understand factors that led to the conflict and the outcome of the American Revolution.

 Literature-  In literature we will be reading Rapunzel, The Princess and the Pea, and Sleeping Beauty.  We will also learn why you should never leave until tomorrow what you can do today and ways to show forgiveness!

Second Grade

Math- We are moving right along with our multiplication facts. Remember to study addition, subtraction, and multiplication facts on a daily basis. 

Science-Look for a project letter that will be coming home soon. Students will be expected to create and design their very own simple machine before moving on to learn about the human body.

History-  Saddle up everybody! We're on a journey to the west in search of gold and farms! Students will learn the importance of the covered wagon as the pioneers made their long journey across the country.

ELA-  For February, students will be learning the different parts of a friendly letter before writing a friendly letter to any person of their choice. As we continue the writing process, students are becoming more creative with their writing skills!

Handwriting: So far, we have learned how to write 17 letters of the alphabet in cursive and we are doing great. It's so exciting to now be able to write and read full sentences in cursive! We've come a long way!

Third Grade

Reading- Sarah, Plain, and Tall was a hit! The students were so excited when Sarah decided to stay. We will begin reading Old Yeller.

English- Students are identifying the four types of sentences: statement, question, command, and imperative. Different parts of speech are being introduced. (nouns, verbs, articles, adjectives, and adverbs) They are also proofreading for punctuation, capitalization, and usage.

Science- What is the weather like today? Students will be learning how meteorologists collect and study data to predict weather. They will also learn the difference between weather and climate.

Math-  Subtraction! Students will be mastering the subtraction of numbers to four digits, including cases in which they must subtract across three zeros. They will also continue working on fact fluency.

Fourth Grade


Math-Fractions are our focus for the next few weeks.  We will compare, order, and eventually add and subtract them. 

Reading- We are focusing on longer passages and different types of texts.  Students will utilize multiple reading concepts to comprehend and analyze information.  We will also compare and contrast different elements of the text and compose short essays. Also, each week we complete a short passage to test comprehension with multiple choice questions.

Science- Last nine weeks students created shoebox guitars.  They were very creative and some actually carried a good tune. We were rocking in 4th grade!!!  The focus now is on the structure and functions of living things.  Hopefully by the end of this nine weeks we can do another project.  Each year I have students bring in large pickle jars or canisters of a similar size so that we can create terrariums.  Please keep that in mind and start searching for the perfect container.

History-The American Revolution is currently what we are focusing on.  There will be a project sent home soon.

ELA- We just completed working with adjectives.  We will move onto verbs.  We will also integrate writing topics each week using the 4 square model.

Literature-Students need to read 2 chapter books  with at least 100 pages each nine weeks. 

Fifth Grade

Math- We will be focusing more on geometry, ratios, and measurement.

Reading- We are still focusing on reading comprehension skills and test taking skills.

Science- We will be covering adaptations of plants and animals, life cycles, and motion.

History- We are studying the colonization of the Americas.

Writing- We are continuing writing essays, and will be focusing the students on typing final drafts. 

New lunch time activity: In order to encourage student’s to get to know their fellow students better, and help quiet ones come out of their shell, we have started having “Talking Topic” groups 2 days a week at lunch.  Students are paired up with 3 other students during lunch to discuss various topics. Such as, you favorite sweet treat, Mardi Gras plans, favorite weekend activities/past times. 


We are so excited to see what students learn from each other.  And are anxious to see new friendships blossom!