Math- In Math, the students will soon learn the “Doubles Rap”, which is an exciting time for the students to begin to add numbers together.


Reading-  In Reading , we are learning new sounds daily.

Science- In Science the students will learn about their “Five Senses”.

History- In History the children have learned about the planet we call our home “Earth”. Moving forward into September, in History the students will learn about “ The Seven Continents”

Note From Teachers: Parents, be sure and go over “ Red Reading Folders Nightly”. Lastly, the students are working hard at practicing good handwriting skills. Please monitor your child’s handwriting, and if it is messy please allow him or her to erase and correct it. Thank you APCS Families for your support!

First Grade 

Language- Are you ready to use your "Writer's Eyes" to check for correct sentences?   We will be learning new editing skills every week and  fixing up sentences with proofreading marks! 


Math- Over the next few weeks we will diving into time to the half hour, story problems, and temperature.

Science-  Our students are practicing their geology skills as they continue to learn about what's inside the Earth!  They had a blast making and eating their own metamorphic rocks!  Our next stop is the human body!  We will learn about the major body systems and how to keep our bodies healthy!


History- Grab a jacket and come along as we discover a time when the earth was covered with glaciers and was much colder than it is now – the Ice Age!  The students will learn how different the earth was, what people did to survive, and how their lives were very different from our lives today!


 Literature- Our character word for this month attentiveness.  We are wanting our students to strive to give full concentration to all of their work and words!  The boys and girls will have a blast  reading the poem "My Shadow" and going outside to trace their shadows!

Note from Teacher: We would first like to welcome Ms. Sherry Couvillion to our Charter Family! We would also like to stress the importance of students completing ALL homework assignments on a daily bases. Keep in mind that there is a homework grade in most subjects and 10 points will be deducted every time an assignment is not turned in on time.

Second Grade

Math- In preparation for tests, students are assigned a "Written Practice" worksheet for morning work at the beginning of the week in order to prepare them for the upcoming Math test that Friday.  We will not have a Math test every Friday, but when one is scheduled, students will be expected to complete side A and B of the Written Practice.  This morning work acts as a study guide and should be reviewed in preparation for each test.  Test dates will be written on the Written Practice worksheets as they are assigned. Please continue to practice addition/subtraction facts daily as new ones are being taught in class. Flash cards are great! 

Science- Have you ever walked through a cloud? I'm sure you have! Students will be learning about the types of clouds and the steps of the water cycle. 

History- Before we dive anymore into History, we must first learn how to read a timeline.  Look for a project letter that will be coming home soon. For the 1st nine weeks, students will be creating a timeline of their very own life! We are so excited for everyone to share their personal life events along with their cute and interesting photos!

ELA-  Let creativity take over! The ideas and thoughts are falling onto our papers as we begin writing our first paragraph.  Students will be able to identify main ideas and create a topic sentence. This is just the beginning of our writing adventures in second grade!

Cursive is coming along nicely as students begin with lowercase cursive letters that look very similar to that same letter written in print. 

Third Grade





Fourth Grade




Math- we are working on comparing and ordering numbers, math multiplication facts.  We will move on to rounding whole numbers and money.


Reading- We have started reading our first novel, “Because of Winn-Dixie.”  The students are really enjoying it so far.

Science- Finishing up scientific method and starting on measurement tools and safety.

History- Our  students are learning about longitude and latitude and tracking storms using them.

Grammar-  We are working on run-on sentences and will continue with nouns of all kinds

Spelling- Make sure to study vocabulary words, and remember that the vocabulary sentences my consists of 12 words, start with a capital letter, end with an end mark, and underline the vocabulary word used.

Fifth Grade

Math- We will be diving in to multiplication and division expressions, order of operations, and multiplication and division of decimals.

Reading-  Wrapping it up! We will be finishing up our first novel, The City of Ember.

Science-  Spin that track! We will continue our study of Matter and will be learning a matter rap, in which students will be singing in groups to learn more about solids, liquids, and gases!

History- Let's explore! We are finishing up with Native American Regions, and moving on to The Age of Exploration.

Writing- Ready, Set, Go! R.A.C.E., our writing process, is becoming more and more important over the next month.  Students will be writing essays and more independence will be expected from each student in that process.

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