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The mission of school-based health centers is to promote the health and wellness of the children in Central Louisiana through prevention programs, education and needed health care services.

School-based health centers are a unique blend of health and education services. Children need to be healthy in order to learn. Specially designed centers, staffed by physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, social workers and office staff bring health services to schools, increasing access to health care promoting good health, learning, and education achievement.



Good physical and mental health is fundamental to a child’s education and growth. That is why school districts in Louisiana are committed to the Adolescent School Health Initiative. This program, sponsored by the Louisiana Office of Public Health, is making it possible for healthy living to be an integral part of every student’s school day by bringing quality medical staff and services to the school campus.

Students spend a significant part of each day on school grounds. A school-based health center improves access for children and their families to quality medical and mental health care.

This method of health care delivery is effective because prevention of student health problems is preferable to treatment, The goals of the school-based health center are to:

  • Improve the overall physical and mental health of a student

  • Provide assistance to students in selecting healthy lifestyles

  • Work to eliminate alcohol/drug/tobacco use and unwise risk behaviors by students

  • Reduce absenteeism, suspensions, expulsions, and dropout rates

  • Reduce violence within schools

  • Provide health and wellness education to students

  • Provide nutrition, dental, and physical education



  • Treatment of minor illnesses and injuries

  • Athletic and routine physical examinations

  • Immunizations

  • Treatment of skin problems

  • Education and referral for treatment of venereal diseases

  • Hearing, vision, scoliosis screenings

  • KIDMED services

  • Dental hygiene education

  • Health education for individuals and groups

  • Referral for diagnostic lab testing

  • Referrals to alcohol and substance abuse prevention programs

  • Mental health services, including but not limited to, crisis counseling, individual family, and /or group therapy

  • Participation in health risk surveys and questionnaires