Sixth Grade


History- In history, we are going to ancient Rome. We will explore the empires the early Romans developed and how their cultures compared to other civilizations we have discussed so far this year. In class, we typically have group discussions combined with peer reading activities to ensure students are understanding the material. Test dates are scheduled 5 or so days ahead of time and these dates should be in planners. You can stay up to date with our class topics by asking your kids something we discussed in class! 

Math- February is all about ratios and proportions in 6th grade math! We will use our books and peer activities to master this skill. Please ask your child to see their notebooks throughout the week, so that you can get an idea of what we are doing in class! Students usually have 3-5 math problems each night as a reinforcement of what was taught in class. 

Science-  Why does a box move when pushed?  How is it that one team wins the tug-o-war match while the other team gets pulled into the mud?  It’s time to jump ahead into the world of physics!  6th grade will begin by diving into forces and motion.  They will investigate the reasons why forces cause motion and how forces balance out.  Students will also begin working with both the speed formula and the acceleration formula.  One day soon, we will have balloon races!  Students will be able to explore how forces and motion propel their balloons forward!  It will be an all out race to the finish!

ELA- Time Travel Anyone??  For the third nine weeks the sixth grade class will be reading a book entitled “ The Young Traveler’s Gift “. This book takes us back in time to meet famous figures in history.  Each encounter spells out for us a specific “Decision for Success”.  We will be delving into journaling and more creative writing for the purpose of creating our very own class and individualized “Success Manual for Life”. We are SUPER EXCITED!!!  (By the way, there is an adult version of this book that is equally as engaging and thought provoking.

Seventh Grade

Science-  Why do we get sick?  Is there medicine that can be taken to make one well?  Should I get my vaccines?  These, and many more, are questions that the seventh grade class will be investigating.  It is time that they begin exploring the world of immunity and diseases.  Students will be learning about disease that are infectious as well as those that are not, and treatments used to help rid a person of a disease.  They will begin to understand the human body and how we have several lines of defense to keep us healthy.

History- We will be complete the American Revolution with the students presenting by acting as if they are  news anchors reporting on  their assigned battles, events, and/or important people. The dates of the presentations are Wednesday - Friday (December 9-11) 

ELA- In ELA the 7th graders will be studying literary elements lecture, then writing a literary analysis essay on an assigned text 


8th grade Planetary Debate champions!

Eighth Grade

English-  Eighth-graders are studying the genre of Nonfiction with an emphasis on purpose, audience, point of view, main idea and other literary elements.

In grammar, students continue to study and apply correct grammar and mechanics to their writing. 

History-   Currently, 8th grade is finishing up WWII 

Science- Is Pluto still a planet?  How do we know so much about space?  Is Earth the only planet that has life on it?  8th grade will be investigating all these questions plus many more.  We are blasting off into deep space to learn as much as we can about our Solar System.  And at the culmination of the lesson, students will participate in The Great Planetary Debate!  Students will get to perfect their research and presentation skills in hopes to be crowned Champion of the Cosmos.  Planets will debate moons and moons will be debating planets!  It’s certainly going to be out of this world!

Math- We will be working on solving problems graphically and algebraically.

Starting with Algebra 1 Sadlier Ch. 4 Relations & Function; moving into the 8th grade textbook Ch. 3 Graphing (PH); Then returning to Algebra 1 Sadlier Ch. 5 Linear Functions & finishing with Ch. 6 Systems of Linear Functions.