Sixth Grade


6th Grade Science:


It's time to get our year kicked off investigating the world around us!  The 6th grade class will begin learning how to conduct a controlled experiment.  They will perform a few small experiments in class while following the steps of the scientific method.  They will also learn about and use various scientific tools to get the job done including scales, beakers, flasks, rulers, and graduated cylinders.  I am looking forward to an awesome new year in science!

Seventh Grade

7th Grade Science:


Let's get ready to explore the life all around us!  The 7th grade class are starting their journey learning about the exploration and classification of living things.  They will make collages of loving things, focusing on the major characteristics of all living things.  They will also begin to explore life that cannot be seen easily.  We will use microscopes soon to investigate the microscopic world!  I am so excited to get this new year started in science!

8th grade Planetary Debate champions!

Eighth Grade

8th Grade Science:


8th grade is ready to begin their journey to the center of the Earth!  We will be learning about the structure of the Earth, from the crust all the way to the inner core.  8th graders will begin to piece together evidence that was presented by Alfred Wegener to determine if our continents really do drift and if Pangaea ever existed.  Students will look into topographical features of our planet and also attempt to create mountains and topographic maps in class.  8th grade will also be calculating densities of various substances to help their understanding of the Earth's composition.