Sixth Grade


History- In history, we will travel to Ancient Egypt, Israel, and even Greece! Notes will be covered daily and should stay in their binders until the test date. If students complete their flashcards, they will receive extra points on their tests. 

Math- Math will focus on setting up, solving, and understanding algebraic expressions and equations! We will use a variety of techniques to help students master this skill. Don’t forget to look in your child’s notebooks for examples we practice in class and in their planners to see what tests will be on!  

Science-  Ever wonder why a tiny pebble sinks to the bottom of a pond but an enormous cruise ship floats in the ocean?  Student will be learning how density and buoyancy are closely connected.  6th graders are now exploring the world of physical properties, density, and buoyancy!  They will be investigating why objects float and sink!  Calculating density, mass, and volume are important components to the upcoming lesson.   In science class, they will even quantify buoyant force by using the concept of Archimedes' Principle.

ELA- We are still having a "Wonder"ful time learning about how to deal with peer pressure and life as a middle schooler.  The students are thoroughly enjoying reading the book "Wonder".  They are self-reflecting and recording their thoughts and emotions through journaling.  We are expanding our vocabulary weekly and they are impressing their teacher immensely with the "smart" words they are now using in the writings and in conversations. 

Seventh Grade

Science-  How many cells are we made from?  Are all cells the same?  What allows for plants to make their own food?  7th graders are getting ready to Cell-ebrate Science!  They will be exploring the parts and functions of both plant and animal cells.  They will investigate the differences between types of cells and the importance of healthy cells.

A project letter on the Cell t-shirt went home.  Students will design and create a cell t-shirt and wear it to school one day.  Stay tuned for more information.

History- We are in the middle of our unit on the 13 colonies and will be moving on with Colonial life and gov't.  


ELA- In ELA the 7th graders are finishing up a grammar unit that is preparing them to begin the formal writing process. We will begin with constructed responses then gradually move to formal essays. 


Eighth Grade

English-  September will bring the continuation of the fiction genre as well as grammar to improve the writing process.

History-   Currently, 8th grade is learning about the important rivers in Louisiana as well as where they are located and how they affect our state.  Next, Louisiana's natural regions and resources will be the topic of discussion. 

Science- Why do diamonds sparkle so much and why are they so hard?  Are all minerals rare and valuable?  Is it true that me have minerals all around us and that we use many of them everyday?  Do we really have some gold inside of our bodies?  8th grade science is exploring beautiful world of minerals.  Students will be investigating the  many tests and observations that mineralogist make in order to successfully identify minerals. Students will learn the important uses of many minerals that are essential to human existence.


Note:  8th graders have been given a Birthstone poster project.  Please research all aspects outlined in the guidelines and complete a poster to be presented.  Posters are due Tuesday, September 8th, 2020.

Math- September will be the last 4 weeks of the nine weeks grading period.  The content that will be covered is:​

“Sadlier: Algebra 1”

Chapter 2 Linear Equations

Sections: 2.5 Multistep Equations

2.6 Absolute Value Equations

2.7 Formulas & Literal Equations

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