Sixth Grade


History- India is where we are headed this December. We will take time to explore the landforms, the resources, and the way the people lived in ancient India. Map activities as well as peer discussions will allow us to get a better understanding of these early civilizations. 

Math- Students will spend December learning how to express and compare numbers using scientific notation. They will expand their knowledge by applying these skills to help them solve equations that include scientific notation. Students will work independently, in pairs, and as a whole group to obtain mastery of these skills! 

Science-  Do you like to add salt to your fries?  Why does peroxide bubble when poured onto a cut?  Can someone make water?  Students will be exploring the world of compounds and chemical reactions and find the answers to these questions and more.  They will investigate the differences between ionic and covalent bonds, and endothermic and exothermic reactions.

ELA- Time Travel Anyone??  For the third nine weeks the sixth grade class will be reading a book entitled “ The Young Traveler’s Gift “. This book takes us back in time to meet famous figures in history.  Each encounter spells out for us a specific “Decision for Success”.  We will be delving into journaling and more creative writing for the purpose of creating our very own class and individualized “Success Manual for Life”. We are SUPER EXCITED!!!  (By the way, there is an adult version of this book that is equally as engaging and thought provoking.

Seventh Grade

Science-  Did we really come from monkeys?  Why are some animals so good a hiding?  Did the dinosaurs really once roam and rule the Earth?  7th grade students will be diving into evolution and how species change or adapt over time.  They will investigate Darwin's Voyage of the Beagle to explore his route and findings.  They will also look into fossils and how they hold the clues to Earth's past.

History- We will be complete the American Revolution with the students presenting by acting as if they are  news anchors reporting on  their assigned battles, events, and/or important people. The dates of the presentations are Wednesday - Friday (December 9-11) 

ELA- In ELA the 7th graders will be studying literary elements lecture, then writing a literary analysis essay on an assigned text 


Eighth Grade

English-  Eighth-graders are studying the genre of Nonfiction with an emphasis on purpose, audience, point of view, main idea and other literary elements.

In grammar, students continue to study and apply correct grammar and mechanics to their writing. 

History-   Currently, 8th grade is finishing up WWII 

Science- Have you ever wondered how fast the Earth spins?  Why does an eclipse happen?  Can we successfully get to Mars? The 8th grade class are starting an exploration into the cosmos.  They will begin by learning about the sun, Earth, and moon and how they work together to produce moon phases and eclipses.  We will also investigate the theory of the moon's origin and we will look into the Space Race and how we stepped foot on the moon first!

Math- We will be working on solving problems graphically and algebraically.

Starting with Algebra 1 Sadlier Ch. 4 Relations & Function; moving into the 8th grade textbook Ch. 3 Graphing (PH); Then returning to Algebra 1 Sadlier Ch. 5 Linear Functions & finishing with Ch. 6 Systems of Linear Functions.

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