Third Grade

In The Classroom: October-November

Subtraction! Students will be mastering the subtraction of numbers to four digits, including cases in which they must subtract across three zeros. They will also continue working on fact fluency. When we have mastered subtraction, we will move to multiplication! Students will be memorizing multiplication facts to automatically. They will also be solving multiplication problems using different methods and multiplying multiples of 10.

Students will enhance their writing using the Four Square Writing Method. This visual and anesthetic aid is employed to focus writing, to provide detail and to enhance word choice.

A Look at Living Things! Students will discover how living things get what they need to live and grow. They will also be able to answer the questions: How all living things are alike? What helps animals survive in their environments?  Which features we can use to classify animals?





It’s all about government! Students are learning about local, state, and national government. We will then move on to voting and how to be good citizens. We will soon begin learning about economics!