Sixth Grade

In The Classroom: October-November





Let’s get rational! We will be learning how to determine if a number is rational or irrational. We will also learn how to use decimals in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division equations.

Students will be studying Ancient Greece and the effects that their civilization has had on the world.

Ever wonder why fireworks give off different colors of light?  How do the chemicals inside of your stomach break down food?  6th grade students are exploring the world of chemical properties!  They will be investigating various substances and the chemical properties of those substances, and how those properties can be useful in our lives.  Student will also be conducting a science lab on investigating acids and bases!  Students will use litmus and pH paper to determine the identity of various mystery substances!

As we read the book "Wonder", we are learning the importance of being kind in a world that may not always be so kind to us.  This nine weeks, we are working on a "Kindness" wall which will contain MANY photos of our students completing "random" acts of kindness!!  We are very excited about being able to "throw Kindness around like confetti".  Through this project, we are hoping to spread the message that it is important for us all to "BELIEVE THERE is GOOD IN THE WORLD"!!