Second Grade

In The Classroom: October-November





Students are continuing to use flash cards on a daily basis when practicing facts.

Which character is your favorite?  Perhaps it’s Charlotte, Wilbur, Fern, or old sneaky Templeton!  Our 2nd Graders were excited as they started working on their next writing assignment in which they are writing about just that...their favorite Charlotte’s Web character!  

Oh no, we are going to war AGAIN with the British!  Yes, our students will learn why we declared war with England again for the second and last time for the War of 1812.  After the war, we will start moving west across America during the “Westward Expansion” era.   The students will discuss pioneers, Indians, the Transcontinental Railroad, and so much more!  

Which phase of the moon is it tonight?  Soon, you’ll be able to ask a 2nd grader to find out the answer.  As they learn about the phases of the moon, the students will take part in a fun, creative activity where they will construct a replica of the phases. Fun, fun, fun!!