Scavenger Hunt List

Basketball Net

cup from Wendy’s

McDonald’s Bag

Glow in the Dark Paint

2020 Fishing License

Neon Yellow T Shirt

A book written by Nicholas Sparks

Bag of Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos

Charter Strong TShirt

NSU T-Shirt

Black Under Armor Socks

New Balance Shoes

10 people singing the chorus to “Neon Moon” by Brooks & Dunn

Bed Bath and Beyond Coupon

Charter Class of 2015 class ring

Blue Glow Stick

A pair of red Vans

Bag of Almond M&M’s

Flip Phone

Yellow  Powerade

Monopoly (board game)

Pair of White Rubber Boots

Receipt from Taco Bell

Bag of BBQ Sunflower Seeds

ULL Sweatshirt

Green Highlighter

Gasoline Receipt

New Orleans Saints baseball cap

Pack of Extra Spearmint Gum 

Can of Corn

APCS graduation program from 2020

Pizza Box from Dominos 

Pecan in the shell

LSU baseball hat 

A Green Apple

2010 quarter 

High school diploma from high school teacher

21 highlighters

Marriage license from a high school teacher

Class of 2010 Graduation Picture


Turn in the scavenger hunt items to your classes designated teacher.  The items you turn in will not be kept by the teacher.  After you show the teacher your item, you can keep the item.  You must bring in the actual item, not a picture of the item. 


 Freshmen: Mr. Scott, Sophomores: Mrs. Lisa, Juniors: Mr. Dustin, Seniors:Coach Cora

2020 Created by APCS Publications Staff

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