Protocols and Guidelines for COVID-19

APCS 2020-2021 School Year Guidelines for Opening


School Mission: In a safe, orderly, encouraging SCHOOL ENVIRONMENT, students will be guided in the development of character and learning potential in academically rigorous, content-rich educational programs.  Through firm policies of discipline, and with parental and community involvement, the students will master essential skills to function in a global society.


The desire and goal of the Board of Directors and Faculty and Staff of APCS is to re-open the doors to our students and their families so that the mission of APCS can resume.  The safety of our students has always been our priority and many of our existing policies and procedures for cleanliness and orderly routines for students are now being mandated for all schools during this time.  Our goal is for our students to not only FEEL safe, but to be safe and sense normalcy, which is so desperately needed!

Below, the daily existing protocols are listed and then the additional Safe Start protocols are outlined so that parents better understand our daily routines.


  • Policies and procedures have been reviewed by our Medical Advisory Team made up of Dr. James Bordelon (Avoyelles Parish Coroner), Dr. LJ Mayeux (former Avoyelles Parish Coroner) and School Nurse, Layla Juneau. Also, all guidelines as set forth by CDC and BESE have been considered for guidance.


Existing Safety Protocols at APCS:


Our maintenance and janitorial staff do an exceptional job keeping APCS clean, disinfected and manicured.  All desks are sanitized each day, bathrooms are monitored and cleaned throughout the day and all touchable surfaces (water fountains, light switches, door handles and stair rails) are sanitized daily. All AC systems have fresh air intake and filters are changed regularly. All cleaning products are EPA-approved disinfectants.


All students K-12 have their own classroom supplies and materials.


ALL K-8th grade classrooms are equipped with sinks, soap and disposable drying towels.


Students are engaged in daily activities and classroom instruction that is orderly and engaging. HS students move throughout the day to their 7 class periods following a 5-minute bell schedule. Students in the K-8th grade building, when changing to small reading groups, elective classes, PE or lunch, move in single file following the green lines on the floor design.


Newly Implemented Additional Protocols:


All students K-12 will be issued a solid cloth face covering as part of their APCS uniform that will be worn every day.  It is a Neck Gaiter and will not need to be taken on and off all day.   Teachers will use discretion as to when the masks are to be used. If a student has a medical condition that warrants wear a mask continually, please call the clinic at 318-253-4785.  Otherwise, when there is a sanitized room, social distancing and moving of fresh air, students will not need to wear a mask.  It is the parents’ responsibility to wash masks daily.  If you would like to purchase any extra masks for your child, more information will be available at a later date on how to do so.


All students and staff will be encouraged to wash hands frequently throughout the day.


HS classrooms will all have hand sanitizer available.


Entry doors of school buildings will be open for arrival and dismissal.


All students will have temperature checks upon arrival at school. Bus riders will have their temperature checked as they exit the bus and will enter the school buildings through designated side doors. Carpool and HS riders will enter through the front doors of the school buildings and will have temperature checks there. If a child’s temperature is 100.4 or higher, they will be sent to designated rooms for 10-15 minutes then given a temperature recheck. If temperature is still elevated, they will then be sent to the clinic and medical protocols will be followed. *Please see attached medical protocol


All K-8th book sacks will be kept on hooks in the hallway.


HS students will keep personal items in their lockers.


ALL classrooms will have portable fans to facilitate the movement of fresh air.


All water fountains will be turned on during high traffic times to eliminate the need for touching surfaces.  Disposable cups will be provided for students to utilize.


All student laptops will by sanitized after student use with UV light.


PE classes will be equipment-free for the first 2 weeks except for Junior High basketball, HS weight training and athletic PE.  Sanitizer will be utilized on equipment used.


Band- Students will be given their own copy of music to keep, will not share instruments, and the floor covering will be sanitized after each class use throughout the day. Fresh air will be circulated.


Choir- Choir will be instructed in the PAC to maintain social distancing. Students will each be given a copy of music. Fresh air and sanitation protocols will be followed.


Elementary Electives and HS Art-

Students will be given individual supplies as allowed and all other equipment and specialized supplies will be wiped down between each use. Fresh air will be circulated, and sanitation protocols will be followed after each class. 


Lunch- High School students have the option to sit inside the cafeteria or outside. Students will wash hands with soap before and after eating. If they sit inside, they will be monitored to maintain safe distances. Outdoor seating is encouraged. Fresh air will be circulated, and sanitation protocols will be followed.

K-8th- Tables will be spaced between the cafeteria and into the elementary gym. Students will wash hands with soap before and after lunch. Grades 5th-8th will have the option to eat outside.

Transportation-All buses will be sanitized daily, will have an open window at the discretion of the bus driver and a fan to move the air. Depending on the Phase that is enacted, bus capacity will meet the guidelines required by the state and CDC. Currently, capacity is at 50% while in Phase 2. 

Bus riders will have their temperature checked as they exit the bus and will enter the school buildings through designated side doors. Carpool and HS riders will enter through the front doors of the school buildings and will have temperature checks there.

Buses will only travel directly to and from designated shuttle sites.  

Carpool riders will be dropped off and picked up in one of two locations according to their grade.  Students will remain socially distanced and will continue to wear their masks while awaiting their names to be called.  They will do so until they are in their vehicle.  

Communication: Please sign up for the text alert system and stay updated with current information at  


No visitors will be allowed in school buildings until further notice. 

Item Dropoff-Tables will be set up outside of both buildings for parents/guardians to drop off items.  The tables will have hand sanitizer as well as a notepad to write the child’s name on the items brought. Parents/guardians will need to call the HS (240-9991) or Elementary (240-8285) offices to notify the school secretaries of a drop off or for any other needs or concerns.  For any medical concerns or medicine drop off, please contact the clinic at 318-253-4785.

**Please note that these procedures are subject to change as new protocols are put in place weekly by the CDC, State Department of Education and our Medical Advisory Team.

Please keep in mind that we are also counting on our APCS families to do their part in helping us to return to school safely. 


Follow the guidelines listed below at home with your child:

  • Don’t send child to school sick

  • Exercise daily

  • Practice good hygiene

  • Eat healthy

  • Wash uniforms and masks daily

  • Wash backpacks weekly

2Timothy 1:7 states,” For God did not give us a spirit of fear, but a spirit of love, power and a sound mind.” Please know that the faith and trust that you place in APCS is truly humbling and something that we do not take for granted. With the additional safety protocols, we are ready to open our doors without fear and provide the safe, loving and academically rich school environment that your children know and love.  Thank you for trusting and placing your most valuable possessions into our care!


Submitted by Dr. James Bordelon/Reviewed by Medical Advisory Team



Screening of students with temperature checks each morning. 

  • Febrile (feverish) state will require nurse to check to rule out other illnesses as source of infection.  If no other source is identified, PCP evaluation to determine if Covid testing is warranted.  If testing is initiated, student begins isolation period protocol (see below).


If a school becomes aware of a presumptive positive or positive case of COVID-19, the child should not attend school until determined to be non-infectious by their doctor.


Isolation protocol for students:

  • Students that have COVID19 with symptoms that is most feasible in the school setting is the “Symptom-based strategy.”


 Students may discontinue isolation and return to school under the following conditions:


  • 72 hours have passed since RECOVERY as defined as resolution of fever without antipyretics (Tylenol, Motrin) and improvement in respiratory symptoms; and, at least 10 days have passed since symptoms first appeared. 


  • Students., on return to school after COVID resolution, will be required to wear mask for 10-14 days in the event some viral shedding is still occurring.


(Test-based strategy is not practical since students can maintain positive testing status for 8-12 weeks in some instances.)



Protocol for managing classmates and teacher contacts with COVID-19 student/teacher in the classroom:   


  • Testing entire class not practical but siblings or children (household family contacts) of COVID confirmed individuals should be isolated for 10 days.  They should have temperature checks twice a day and COVID testing if respiratory illness or fever develop.   


  • Non-household contacts should continue to be screened per routine protocol with AM temperature checks. 


Dr. James Bordelon and Dr. L.J. Mayeux will make frequent visits to APCS to monitor protocols and make adjustments as needed.


Parents may be notified by the Office of Public Health if their child may have been exposed to the case of COVID-19, along with any next steps.


If it is determined that a school was the focus of infection for COVID-19, the school superintendent, in consultation with the Office of Public Health, will determine if the school should remain open or close for a period of time.  A positive case of COVID-19 does not necessarily warrant classroom or school closure.

Stay Healthy!

We strongly encourage families to be taking vitamins. 


Zinc (Elemental Zinc not Zinc Sulfate):

Adults: 400 mg per day

14-18: 360 mg per day

9-13: 240 mg per day

4-8: 130 mg per day


Adults: 400 mg per day

14-18: 360 mg per day

9-13: 240 mg per day

4-8: 130 mg per day

Vitamin C and E:

Dose is questionable but any multivitamin will have enough. Studies did not show C or E to be of value, but it does not hurt.

Vitamin D:

DO NOT take more than above doses. Vitamin D can be toxic in high amounts.

  • Have your children go to bed early.

  • Limit technology time.

  • Wash hand frequently.

  • Wash masks

  • Take temperature before leaving home.

If a family member that resides inside the same household tests positive, parents much notify APCS Director, Julie Roy immediately by emailing  You will be contacted by administration on further instructions.  

You must provide the student(s) name(s) in the email, the relation of the person that tested positive, and the date that person tested positive.

The student will be required to quarantine for a period of 10 days from the date that family member was tested.