A Note from the Teachers:

Our Thanksgiving Feast will be held in November. Be on the lookout for information regarding that!

Mrs. Jessica Chatelain
Mrs. Dana Laborde
Mrs. Lashanda Hawkins
Mrs. Leisha Franklin
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A Note from the Teachers:

The students are making great progress!  

Please continue to time your child for the daily math facts practice! Use the flash cards that were sent home to reach mastery of these facts!  Also, Mailbox folders MUST be signed everyday!  This is our communication tool!  And finally, please make sure your child's homework is complete AND neat!  Messy homework will result in missing PE to complete it neatly. 

First Grade

Ms. Aaryn Price
Mrs. Nina Jackson
Mrs. Dana Marsh
Mrs. Lisa Descant
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Second Grade

A Note from the Teachers:

 Wow!  We are so pleased to see how well our students are controlling their small motor skills by writing neatly in print and cursive!  We are very proud of them!!  Please remember to keep reading over highlighted notes in Science and History as your child will be required to read more and more of each test independently.

Mrs. Sarah Ducote
Mrs. Crystal Marsh
Mrs. Jessica Blood
Mrs. Carrie Dixon
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Third Grade

A Note from the Teachers:

Third graders had a fantastic first nine weeks! Please remember to check planners nightly to ensure that all homework is complete and students are studying for upcoming test!

Mrs. Suzanne & Mrs. Brandi

Mrs. Brandi Chatelain
Mrs. Suzanne Bordelon
Mrs. Khandi Hill
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Fourth Grade

A Note from the Teachers:

 Please check your child's morning work each night.  Math facts are getting harder, so make flashcards!!!  The nine weeks is almost over.  Be sure to ask your child for their test papers each Wednesday!!  Please sign and return on Thursday.

Mrs. Roxanne Lemoine
Mrs. Lori Hakeman
Mrs. Charlene Lemoine
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Fifth Grade

A Note from the Teachers:

If students make a D or an F on a math test, that test will be coming home to be signed by a parent. All test corrections are to be done with the help of a parent if possible.  Math material carries over week to week and does not disappear, so it is important that students master material each week, because they will see it on the next test.

Please check your child's planner daily to make sure they are writing down all up and coming test dates.  Tests are posted in the room on the test board at least a week in advance. 

We will be scheduling our first field trip soon! Students must be on their best behavior and grades must be improving in order to attend. 

Mrs. Carley Barnette
Mrs. Lindsey Scott
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