High School Supply List

Check this page for any additions or updates before school starts. 

Every high school student will require the following basic supplies:

  • Notebook paper (looseleaf)

  • Pens 

    • Blue and Black 

  • Pencils

    • Lead and Wooden #2​

  • TI 83 or TI 84 Graphing Calculator

  • Highlighters

  • Index cards

Fees will be added on Capture Point at a later date, closer to the first day of school, for the following subjects:

  • Art

  • Band

  • Choir

  • P.E.

  • French

  • ACT

If you are scheduled for any of the classes listed below, you will also need the following supplies in addition to those listed above:

Supply list for all Engineering classes.


  • 1-inch binder - preferably the kind that has the clear pocket on the front cover

  • Divider pages - 5 tabs or more

  • Report cover - the kind that clamps on the side

  • Mechanical pencils

  • A good eraser

L. Borrel- English II

  • Notebook

  • Folder

L. Borrel-World History

  • 3 Subject Notebook

  • Folder

Tiffany Lacour-Dupont

English I

  • Five-Subject Notebook

  • 1-two pocket folder

C. Barnette-U.S. History/ Western Civilization

  • Binder or Notebook

J. Gullett-Math

  • Graph paper

C. Lacombe-Ducote-Biology I, Biology II, Physical Science (only for Mrs. Cora's students) 

  • Pencils

  • Color Pencils

  • 2" Binder

  • Looseleaf paper

  • At home, students need color ink and copy paper.