Fourth Grade

In The Classroom: January









We are working on factors and multiples. 

We are working on poetry and understanding its structure.

We are learning about physical and human systems.

We are learning about simple machines and their uses. 

We will continue doing what we have been doing since the beginning of school.

Service Project:

Each year the fourth graders visit St. Mary's Residential Training School in Boyce, LA.  This year our students will be bringing Christmas gifts for these students.  Be on the look out soon for the permission form as well as a chore chart that will be going home with your child.  Each 4th grader will be assigned a student from St. Marys and will be given a "wish list' for that child.  We encourage the students to  complete chores and/or work for the money needed to buy this gift.  This gives our students more of a purpose, appreciation and ownership of what good will come out of this experience.   

We are working on the use of "I" and "me" as well as other pronouns and adjectives. 

We will be reading Little House in the Big Woods and doing chapter reports on them.