Fourth Grade

In The Classroom: October-November





Multiplication and Division.  We will start off with basic multiplication with regrouping.  Each problem we will check with division.  We will eventually get to 3 digit factors times 2 digit factors.  Once the students are firm, we will then move to solving word problems using multiplication equations.  We will work mult-step word problems for both division and multiplication. There will be a focus on factors and multiples also.    Towards the end of the nine weeks we will be working more with word problems using division, and students will be able to interpret remainders

We are currently reading Because of Winn-DIxie.  By the end of this nine weeks we will have completed this book.  Student's are creating character cut outs of each character we meet in the story to add to their portfolio.  Each week students are given vocabulary and questions to go with the 3 chapters we read.  Each Friday we test.  Students will be in a big surprise once we finish this story!!!

 Currently we are learning about the Northeast region.  Students will be locating each state on a map, as well as learn about the resources, climate, culture, and land forms.  Once we have completed the Northeast region we will move onto the Southeast region.

 We have been learning standard and metric conversions.  There is an awesome section on this in our Math workbook.  Once we are finished with this we will apply what we have learned to measure different types of matter.  We will learn about matter and its properties.  We will calculate area and volume.  From there we will discuss changes in matter, both physical and chemical.





Each week students are given a list of spelling words and a list of a few vocabulary words.  Students practice writing these spelling words in cursive, break these words into syllables, and put them in alphabetical order.  The vocabulary words are defined by the students using the dictionary provided in their binder.  On Friday of each week students are to turn in a sentence for each vocabulary word.  Each Friday students are tested on the spelling of the list words, vocabulary definitions, as well as writing one sentence with a vocabulary word.

Nouns are our focus at this time.  Once we have finished the noun unit, we will move onto pronouns.

We are squeezing out the students' creative juices!  The Four Square Model will be used for our planning stage of the writing process.  We will start with topics and details and move onto creating full paragraphs.  Using the 4 Square Model will not only help students organize their writing, but make it much more descriptive and detailed.

 Each student is required to read 2 chapter books that are 100 pages or more. Time is set aside each day to drop everything and read!  After reading a chapter book students are to complete a book report.  Book reports are provided by the teacher.  These reports consist of writing a summary of the book, drawing an illustration of a scene, and defining interesting or unknown words.  Students must complete 2 reports for the second nine weeks.

Service Project:

Each year the fourth graders visit St. Mary's Residential Training School in Boyce, LA.  This year our students will be bringing Christmas gifts for these students.  Be on the look out soon for the permission form as well as a chore chart that will be going home with your child.  Each 4th grader will be assigned a student from St. Marys and will be given a "wish list' for that child.  We encourage the students to  complete chores and/or work for the money needed to buy this gift.  This gives our students more of a purpose, appreciation and ownership of what good will come out of this experience.