First Grade

In The Classroom: March-April





We are thrilled over the progress our first graders are making with 2 digit subtraction with regrouping!  Keep up the good work!  Over the next few weeks we will be learning about geometric solids, measuring with centimeters, finding perimeter, and even multiplying by 1 and 100! 

It's amazing how far the students have come in learning to edit sentences!  They are becoming pros at finding mistakes and editing correctly!  The boys and girls are having a blast learning about the different types of sentences and especially making up their own exclamatory sentences!  We will be learning all about following directions - on, over, and under.  Making words that end in "y" plural will be a new challenge for our students!  Be sure to drill your child on a few words.  They will be using their "magic" for these plurals!  Weird plurals and contractions are also in store for the upcoming weeks.

In History we are learning about Mesopotamia, the "Cradle of Civilization", Ancient Egypt, and important geographical features of this part of the world.

We are continuing to explore our solar system in Science!  We are so excited about how interested the students are about this out of this world topic!  They are watching the night sky with their families to continue the learning at home!  We love hearing about the things they are seeing!  Upon the completion of our solar system unit, we will be discovering plant and animal habitats.  Please check your child's folder for a possible field trip in the near future.