First Grade

In The Classroom: October-November





We will be getting out our rulers as we practice measuring line segments to the nearest inch, counting dimes, nickels, and pennies, ordering 2-digit numbers, and even making Venn diagrams!  For a little extra practice, empty out your coin purses and let your children explore coins and counting money at home!  They love pretending to shop!

The first graders are making tremendous progress with editing sentences, word usage, and plurals!  We will be putting all these skills to use as we dive deeper into writing over the next few weeks!

We will use our literature time to learn about Veteran's Day, early settlers and the first Thanksgiving, and what it means to show thriftiness, our character word for the month!

We are currently exploring through the Inca Indian civilization!  This will lead us into learning about geographical features on Earth, as well as early exploration and settlements around the world!  As we lead up to the holiday season, we will enjoy learning about the first Thanksgiving! 

Keeping our bodies healthy will be our discussion as we wrap up the human body!  We will learn about healthy foods, keeping our bodies clean, and even proper tooth brushing!  Our next topic will be electricity!  The students will learn how lights come on, as well as how to be safe with electricity!  We will even learn about a famous American inventor, Thomas Edison!