Fifth Grade

In The Classroom: January





We are learning about cells and headed into learning about infections and illnesses.  We hope that the students will have an even better appreciation for modern medicine and the importance of self care and cleanliness.

Map skills and the age of exploration will be the focus in history for the next month.

We will be focusing our reading lessons on small reading and responding passages this nine weeks; and therefore will take a break from the Ember series of books.  We will pick back up with that the 4th nine weeks.

5th grade math is focusing more on test prep type questions for our morning work.  Parents should notice that we are no longer using "Drops in the Bucket" as our morning work.  The packet that we are using now has questions that cover material and skills that the students have already covered, but will be applying to real world problems.  They will still be tested on these questions on weekly tests as they were before the holidays. 

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