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Enrollment Information

Enrollment Period 2023-2024

January 9, 2023- February 17, 2023


Forms must be filled out completely and returned to the following address with required documentation listed for each grade level. Upon turning in completed form and documentation at the elementary building, it will be stamped and dated once received by school personnel. Forms will be accepted on M-F, except school holidays, from 8 a.m.-2 p.m. only. 


201 Longfellow Road

Mansura, La. 71350


Enrollment and Lottery Guidelines

Enrollment period for the upcoming school year begins in January of each school year and ends one month from the start date.  In order to be placed on the lottery list for the upcoming school year, all information requested must be completed and turned in by the deadline, which will be posted on the website and in the local newspaper. 

A lottery process is used to randomly draw the names of students to fill spots available for the upcoming school year.  Once we have an idea of how many students are being retained and/or not returning in each grade, we will know how many spots are available per grade.  Names are randomly selected, via lottery, by the APCS School Board of Directors to fill the remaining spots per grade.  Parents will be notified via mail or phone call if their student was selected and will be given further instructions, if they are still interested in attending APCS.  

APCS is a free public school, open to all children regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, language or disability.  Enrollment order is based on a lottery, which will be conducted after 2/14/23. Enrollment is based upon availability of openings in each grade.  Filling out an application does NOT guarantee enrollment.

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