Students have explored a variety of art media so far this year including watercolor, paint, graphite, chalk & oil pastels and charcoal. The students were also introduced to several art elements: line, color, value and texture. We are learning that mistakes in art  are always a chance for us to problem solve! They created art inspired from several artists including Georgia O'Keefe, Jackson Polluck, Cezanne and Lousiana's own George Rodrigue!


The 5th grade sewing class are making bed pockets and weave.

The 6th grade class is weaving wall hangings and scarves with looms and yarn. They will also make aprons.


 Kindergarten will be learning about loud and soft sounds.  They will learn about the violin and maybe even get to play one! We will still be working on matching pitch singing sol and mi. Playing instruments, singing games and moving to music are still our favorite activities.

Parents and children K- 4th grade!  Time to dust off those Christmas hats, warm up those voices and get ready for a fun evening of celebrating and caroling.  We are planning our Charter Children's Christmas Carol  Program with a twist.  We will have our traditional time for children to sing for their families and we will also have some songs to sing with their families! Be watching for further updates.


In the kitchen the 7th and 8th graders are having fun cooking and learning culinary skills.  The most fun week was Cookie week with the theme of “Back to School”.  The cookies had to be decorated in the theme and decorated in bright colors.  They also had to write an explanation of why they choose that shape cookie and decorations.  Madelyn Scroggs and Jada King won the competition.

In honor of my birthday they are having cupcake wars and they task is to see who can produce the best tasting and decorated cupcake.


Stay tuned to see who will have the best birthday cupcake in the class.