Eighth Grade

In The Classroom: October-November





In October students are learning about Spanish colonial era. In November students will be learning about how Louisiana became a state. 

Students are working hard on Algebra. They are preparing for  EOC testing.

Are diamonds really a girl's best friend?  Was Cleopatra as found of emeralds as the history books say she was?  The 8th grade students are exploring the world of minerals!  They are investigating how minerals are made, properties of minerals, and most importantly, the many uses of minerals.  Students will learn how to conduct a series of tests to help identify mystery minerals including tests of hardness, streak, and luster.  Students will also be conducting a research project about their specific birthstone!  Students will compile their findings on a poster and present the information to the class.

We are studying the fiction genre. Then, we will move into short story analysis with essay writing.