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High School Sweethearts:
Aizlyn D.
Christian B.

Drama Queen and King:
Mallorie D.
Luke C.

Best Shoulder to Cry On:
Aizlyn D.
Adam M.

Most Changed since Freshmen Year:
Keziah L.
Mason B.

Mom and Dad of the Class:
Emma M.
Bennett C.

Best Team Player:
Emmalyse S.
Christian B.

Most Talkative:
Isha H.
Jaxson A.

Procrastinated the Most:
Maggi L.
Ross B.

Most Studious:
Abigail D.
Benjamin R.

Most Spirited:
Kate G.
Bennett C.

Most Talented:
Abigail D.
Jamarion T.

Be on Broadway:
Dorcia G.
Kaleb D.

Be Late To Graduation:
Trinity T.
Kaleb D.

Become an APCS Teacher:
Emma M.
Colby L.

Win the Lottery, but lose the Ticket:
Kinley M.
James B.

Move out of the Country:
Isha H.
Keelan L.

Become President:
Johannah B.
Tyler C.

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