Homecoming Week Information

Class Sponsors/Hallways:

Dress Day Rules:

5 Guys Dance:

9th- Mrs. Monique, Mr. Boe, Mr. Dustin, Ms. Megan (Mr. Boe's Hall)
10th- Mr. Scott, Coach Okie, Mr. Gates, Mrs. Lisa (Mr. Gullett's Hall)
11th- Mrs. Cook, Coach Greenhouse, Mr. Purdy, Mr. B (Mr. B's Hall)
12th- Mrs. Susan, Coach Cora, Coach Stu, Mr. A (Coach Cora's Hall)

ALL spirit attire MUST be school appropriate in length. NO sleeveless or strapless tops. NO ripped jeans. Remember NO leggings or short athletic shorts. NO pajamas. Minimal face paint. NO skirts.

5 boys from each class are to dance at the pep rally. The dance is between 30 seconds to 1 minute and MUST coincide with your class's theme. The dance MUST be approved by Mrs. Dodi. Approval times in the lobby of the theater: 9th- Jan. 4th @ 7:20am, 10th- Jan. 4th @ 7:30am, 11th- Jan. 5th @ 7:20am, 12th- Jan. 5th @ 7:30am


Dress Days:

Scavenger Hunt:

Each class needs a trailer for the parade float. The driver MUST be an ADULT!
The class floats will have 15 riders that consist of Student Council members and others that worked on the float. Class sponsors decide on any remaining riders (if necessary).

Door Banners:

Each hall MUST have 3 doors decorated with a banner. One banner is your class's theme, one is 'Beat the Bulldogs', and Viking Pride

Pep Rally/Game:

Pep rally will be Thursday after the parade. The game will be Friday.

Tuesday- Monochrome Day- Choose a color. Everything you wear is that color.

Wednesday-Initial Day- Dress as a Disney Character that has the same letter as the first initial of your name. Example: Donna can dress as Daisy. Mike can dress as Mickey Mouse.

Thursday-Past vs. Future- Dress as something from the past (decade/childhood memory/childhood character) or future (career/futuristic costume/how you see yourself in the future)

Friday-Viking Pride- Dress in school colors/apparel

Each class will turn in the scavenger hunt items to the classes designated teacher. The items the students turn in will not be kept by the teacher. After they show the teacher their item, the student can keep the item. First class to turn in ALL items wins...but classes can still earn points for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th places! So keep hunting! The list of items will be published on Tuesday of HOCO Week!
These are your designated teachers:
9th- Mr. Dustin
10th- Mrs. Lisa
11th- Mr. B
12th- Coach Cora

How to Win:

Scavenger Hunt
Door Banners
Dress Days
Pep Rally
5 Guys Dance